4 Cool IOS Alternative Alarms For iPhone In 2020

From pleasant sounds of nature to alarms for incorrigible sleepyheads.

The standard alarm clock in the iPhone is good, but not for everyone: someone wants a milder awakening, while someone, on the contrary, needs an alarm clock from the series “Dead Wake” We collected the Best Alternative Alarms Applications that will help to wake up. If you have Android, pay attention to this collection.

1. Alarmy

One of the most popular third – party alarms, Alarmy fully deserves its fame . Among the available tunes, both standard electronic tweeters and the sounds of nature and especially loud ringtones are for the most notorious sleepyheads. But the coolest thing here is how to turn off the alarm. You can find the way that works best for you and your brain, whether it’s solving mathematical examples or having to get up and go to the other end of the apartment to take a picture of the subject you have set.

2. Portal

This white noise program also works great as an alarm clock. It is enough to turn on the Sleep mode, set the wake-up time and the desired sound and touch the dial to start. The main feature of Portal is the synchronization with Philips Hue bulbs: you can configure it to be awakened by softly growing sounds of nature and dynamic lighting in the room every morning.

3. Sleep cycle

this is one of the smart alarms that do not activate exactly on time, but wake you up in the phase of a light sleep, when it is easiest to get up. The application uses the microphone and accelerometer of the smartphone to track the quality of sleep, and uses this data to wake you up in the morning. Also, the application saves statistics about the duration and quality of yours in the “Journal” section.

4. Loud Alarm Clock

Imagine that the bastard goose from the Untitled Goose Game has an iPhone alarm clock brother and this is the best description of Loud Alarm Clock possible. Recommended for those who wake up very hard in the morning and ignore ordinary alarms. As the name implies, the application has a super loud sound-and a wide collection of vile ringtones, including a fire siren and a rattle of nails on the board.

Do not expect a gentle awakening, as from Portal, and your morning is unlikely to be good, but at least you certainly will not oversleep an important meeting. You can also install a voice assistant who will “cheer up” during the lifting process-ideal for those who wanted to hear condemnations from Jarvis from Iron Man or Star Wars characters. Each character has an average of 15-20 different phrases, so not monotony is not threatened.


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