6 UNUSUAL GADGETS: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

6 UNUSUAL GADGETS: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Falling Asleep Robot:

Robot Somnox designed for those who are unable to relax and fall asleep quickly. Externally, the device resembles a huge plush bean, which is convenient to hug. The device is able to simulate the sounds of breathing and palpitations, as well as movements of the chest that occur during sleep.

The gadget analyzes the user’s breathing and synchronizes with it, and then gradually reduces the frequency of breaths to the level characteristic of deep sleep . A person unconsciously adjusts to such a rhythm and falls asleep. Somnox is also able to purr like a big cat. Although in some reviews of the gadget, users report that the sounds are more like Darth Vader’s heavy breathing, rather than a pet’s pleasant rumbling.

Smart Toothbrush:

Over time, more and more Unusual Gadgets that surround us in everyday life become smart. For example, a Kolibree Toothbrush communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth and transmits information on how you brush your teeth to it . A special application collects and analyzes data, and then tells you what mistakes you make and how you can improve oral hygiene.

And if you create profiles for all family members on one smartphone, then you can turn a boring daily ritual into a game. The application scores points, so you can compete with loved ones in who brushes your teeth better. This function is designed primarily for children, but gambling adults will also be interesting.

Kolibree also does a good job of its core function. The low vibration amplitude and soft bristles with rounded ends allow painless brushing of sensitive teeth. A high frequency of movement of the bristles – up to 15,000 per minute – eliminates plaque and food debris.

Pillow That Wags It’s Tail:

An Unusual Gadgets was developed by Japanese engineers. It resembles a soft fluffy cat-tail pillow. Qoobo greets the owner, reacts to sounds, stroking and other touches as a living pet would do: wags its tail. One charge is enough for eight hours of continuous operation.

The Unusual Gadgets seems useless, but manufacturers claim that it is not. According to them, a robotic pillow will help cope with sadness, loneliness and bad mood for those who can not get a real pet.

Smartphone Disinfectant Case:

Every day we make phone calls, send messages in messengers, listen to music in applications, look for something on the Internet – we practically do not let the smartphone out of our hands. With such active use, millions of bacteria gather on the surface of the gadget, which can cause various diseases.

It’s not so easy to clean the smartphone from them: you won’t wash it with soap and boil, and an antiseptic gel can damage the screen. The solution can be a PhoneSoap disinfectant case . The device kills harmful microorganisms with ultraviolet rays, as with quartzization. The procedure takes 5 minutes, it is safe for a smartphone. You can disinfect other gadgets that fit in a case, such as wireless headphones.

Alarm Mat:

If every morning for you begins with “Another Five Minutes!” and a delayed alarm several times, the Ruggie device was invented for you. At the set time, the smart mat will start ringing. Turning off the signal while lying in bed does not work: for this you need to stand on the mat.

Ruggie is made of a special material that “remembers” the shape of the wearer’s feet. Thanks to this, the alarm clock cannot be turned off by putting something heavy on it or by touching it with your hand. The melody will play until you – literally – get out of bed. And this is enough to wake up and start the day. By the way, the alarm signal can be any. Installing a melody that you like is not difficult: just connect the smart mat to the computer and select the desired music file.

Automatically Adjustable Belt:

Smart watches and rings no longer surprise anyone. But inventors do not waste time and constantly come up with something new. For example, Beltysmart belt . The device analyzes the state of the owner and automatically tightens or loosens depending on the result. After a hearty dinner, you no longer have to move the buckle discreetly, Belty will do everything for you.

Sensors and mechanisms are in the buckle and operate automatically. In order not to worry that the belt will be tightened too much or, conversely, it will not be able to support the trousers at the right time, the device can be connected to a smartphone and in the application you can set the limits for changing the Belty length.


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