Apple Will Allow To Combine Purchases In The App Store on IOS and Mac

You will no longer need to pay for the same application for different platforms.

Apple Releases New Beta Software for Xcode 11.4 Developers In it there was an opportunity to unify the purchase of apps for various platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. At the same time, the App Store for Mac and iOS devices brought the lists of categories to a single view in order to remove  possible confusion when distributing a new feature.

For consumers, this means an excellent opportunity to save. Now! Just, if you buy the application on the iPhone and want to use it on the computer too, you will have to buy it again-already in the Mac App Store. But now the developers have the opportunity to give the buyer access to several platforms for one fee. You can also synchronize between different versions of the subscription and purchased additional content.

The tool is available to developers now, and cross-platform applications will appear in the store in March this year. Note that the decision on whether to combine purchases between platforms is made by developers-Apple itself has only created a tool for this.


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