The modern dictionary of Internet terms is expanding at an accelerated pace. If you are even a little familiar with social networks, the word donat has come across to you more than once. Today we’ll analyze what it means, how the donation system on Facebook and Instagram works..



With the translation of this word, sometimes a little confusion occurs. It’s all about the consonance of the English words “donut” and “donate”. However, apart from similar writing, they have nothing more in common.

  • Donut is a donut, a traditional American sweet in the form of round muffin, which is often coated with glaze.


  • Donate- to give, to sacrifice. A word firmly included in the vocabulary of bloggers and subscribers. It was it that became the basis for our borrowed term “donat”.

Let’s conduct an experiment, turn to the popular virtual assistant, asking the question: “Alice, what are donations in social networks?”

The Exact Answer

The omniscient interlocutor gave the following answer: ↓

Donat is a voluntary, and most importantly, gratuitous transfer of money to another person or organization. Such a reward system is used by streamers during live broadcasts, charity organizations, and simply by authors on pages on social networks.

And yet, responding to what donations are in social networks, it is important to consider that this is a very good incentive tool. With it, users can thank their beloved blogger and give him an incentive for further creativity. And sites that allow you to use this feature attract much more new authors.

Facebook Fees

Since 2016, the opportunity to attract sponsorship appeared on Facebook. At first, the system worked only for charitable purposes. At the same time, the account holder could not carry out fees in their favor. The form was posted only to support other charitable projects.

In 2020, the possibilities have expanded significantly, but there are, as they say two news, good and bad.

You can:

  1. Start raising funds in favor of one of the projects on the approved Facebook list.
  2. Collect donations from subscribers in your favor.
  3. Add a donation button to a charity during live broadcasting.

But! The list of countries in which this can be done is limited, and Russia  of the CIS countries is not in this list.


How to start

If you live in Europe or the USA and  want to help, for example, hospitals or wild animals, you can not only send them your money, but also participate in their difficult task:

  1. Click Donation Fees in the left column.
  2. Choose Start, then Nonprofit or Charity.
  3. Mark the desired object from the approved list, add the cover for the future form and click “Create”.

Important: this function is available in the personal profile and for the pages of nonprofit firms.


In order to ask for financial support personally for yourself, the instruction will change a little, at the stage of selecting the addressee, you must specify “I, my friend” or choose an option that is not on facebook.

After the collection is open, you can add a button to your live broadcast:

  1. Log in to Facebook using the mobile app.
  2. Start a new broadcast, click the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Add Button”.


The new chip reached Instagram, and now bloggers can ask for financial support.

As expected, the button will be available:

  1. On the profile home page.
  2. During the live broadcast.
  3. In story.

But here everything is working only in Western countries. Our insta bloggers are also looking forward to donation. As a rule, users who have contributed to the piggy bank can ask questions out of turn or even give tasks to the presenter during streams. Recently they began to use such a chip: the donor sender chooses the music that sounds in the background during the broadcast.



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