Self Confidence

Learn To (Do) HOW TO GAIN SELF CONFIDENCE Like A Professional


Self Confidence is something that comes from deep within and it really comes from learning to embrace yourself and love yourself for everything that you are. Learning to be confident is a journey for everybody. It’s not always easy and it takes time. But today I’m going to share three things that you can change right now that will help you boost your self confidence.

Self Confidence

  1. Change your body movements AKA your posture. Think about what a confident body looks like. Immediately you’ll think about putting your shoulders back, chest up, chin up, and looking the world straight in the eye because you are not afraid and you are confident. If you make your body look more confident, then your body is going to send a signal to your brain that make you think and feel more confident. It’s a science.  There’s a famous TED Talk about power poses and how it works.  It changes how you think about yourself. I also made a video about power poses myself so I’ll post those links in the description below. It’s honestly as simple as that:  change your body posture and you will feel a little bit more confident. The next time you’re at a social event and you notice yourself slumping or crossing your arms, doing things to make your body feel smaller, just change your body. Change it to a position that looks confident and you will eventually feel confident.


  1. Change what you focus on. If you want to gain self confidence, you have to learn to focus on the positives. Focus on your strengths, and focus on things you love about yourself, rather than the negatives. You’ll notice that the people who are more insecure are focusing more on the things they don’t like about themselves, and they’re focusing on the negative qualities. What you want to do is make a list of all the things that you love about yourself. List your favorite qualities about yourself, and if you’re brave enough, you can even ask your closest friends and family what they think your best qualities are, because knowing that will give you a confidence booster as well. Compile all of these things onto a list and put it somewhere where you’ll read it regularly, at least once a week. Just focus on the positives, focus on your strengths, focus on the things that you love about yourself, and you’ll feel your confidence growing.


  1. Change what you say to yourself. You may not realize it, but you’re constantly talking to yourself throughout the day. The things that you say to yourself really reflect and affect your self confidence.

For example: if you’re browsing the internet or you’re on Instagram,  ou might hear yourself saying things like, “I wish I looked like her. I wish I had her life.

Why Does My Face Look So Awkward There?

Why can’t I be prettier?” Essentially when you’re saying those things to yourself, you’re telling yourself that you’re not worthy or you’re not good enough. Obviously, when you have that kind of self-talk, you’re not going to be very confidence. So what you have to do is pay attention to your self-talk. Make sure your self-talk is positive.Start speaking to yourself with love and respect, because that’s what you deserve. A way that you can do this is you can write positive affirmations that make you feel good and say those things to yourself every morning and every night. An affirmation is an empowering statement that you can repeat to yourself everyday to get it into your subconscious until it becomes who you are. You can write whatever you want, whatever makes you feel confident and powerful and strong. It could be anything, like, “I love myself. I am worthy.  I am smart, talented, and capable of anything I put my mind to.”  Whatever makes you feel like a boss.  Just create your own statement unique to you and say that to yourself every morning and every night, and you’ll start to believe it. And once you believe that, you will be so much more confident in yourself. Alright, those are my three tips on how to gain self confidence. If you guys try these out, please let me know how it goes.  Do it for yourself, do it because you deserve it. Be confident, go out, love yourself.


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