Business Ideas Without Investment

6 Good Business Ideas Without Investment In 2020

Do you want to open your own business, but did not collect start-up capital and do not plan to get involved in loans? We tell you what you can earn on Without Major Investments.

1.Baby Sitting

Baby Sitting - Let 2 know

In large cities, parents have to get up very early to take their children to the kindergarten or school and not be late for work, standing in the morning traffic jams. The situation is complicated if the child goes to clubs, sports sections or to classes with a tutor. Not all mothers and fathers have the opportunity to leave for family matters during working hours.

Among busy parents, the services of a baby monitor are in demand – a person who will take the child to school or section, and then deliver him home. To do this business, you only need a driver’s license, a car and free time. In the initial stages, it is easiest to look for orders among friends or neighbors. It is unlikely that parents will trust the child with a stranger. Over time, when you collect enough recommendations, the customer base can be expanded.

2.Babysitting Services For Animals

Babysitting Services For Animals Let 2 know

If you adore animals, this is the option for you. Many owners have no one to leave their pets with for the duration of a business trip or vacation, and a specialized hotel is always stressful for four-legged animals. There are unfamiliar odors, cramped boxes and other animals. All this can be avoided if you leave your pet in the usual conditions and hire a person who will feed him, walk him and entertain.

You can choose what services to provide: engage only in dogs, cats or look after exotic animals. Restrict to feeding and walking or, if necessary, take the pet to the groomer and veterinarian. The main thing is to discuss everything before the owner leaves the city.

Another earning option is dog walking. If the landlord returns late from work or does not like to get up early in the morning, you will help him solve the problem. In this case, you do not have to be responsible for feeding the animal and other aspects of its life.

3. Services “Husband For An Hour”

Services Husband For An Hour - Let 2 know

If you didn’t skip work classes at school, you probably know how to hang a picture, nail a shelf or replace a built-in light bulb. To turn these skills into a way of earning, you only need a set of basic tools. Find the first customers will help profile sites where people offer their services. You can use the classical method: post ads on special boards in the stairwell, put business cards in mailboxes.

The wider the range of services that you provide, the easier it will be to find customers. It is much more convenient when one person can assemble furniture, hang a chandelier and replace the gasket in a leaking tap.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning - Let 2 Know

Apartment cleaning is another type of business that does not require large expenses. It is enough to buy good household chemicals and related trifles: sponges, rags, gloves. If there is free money, you can purchase professional equipment, such as a powerful vacuum cleaner, a technological mop or a steam cleaner.

The first customers are also convenient to look for among neighbors, acquaintances and friends. And then word of mouth will do everything for you. At the first stages, you will have to compete for customers with cleaning services. Therefore, think about a “chip” that will be beneficial to distinguish your service from other offers on the market. You can use only eco-friendly cleaning products that do not harm the environment. Or do without household chemicals – for example, use a steam cleaner. This option is suitable for allergic apartments.

5. Guide Tours

guided tours - Let 2 Know

If you love your hometown and know it well, start guided tours. The main thing is to come up with some really interesting routes and include in them not only the main attractions, but also those places that are not written in the guidebooks. You can search for information about them on the Internet, talk with local residents or go to the library – in the archives you can find many fascinating details and details.

Combine stories about the past of the city with stories about its modern life. For example, take people to a cafe with an unusual menu or show them a wall with cool graffiti. Think about thematic tours: you can show people historical places, and you can also have bars with designer cocktails. It all depends on your imagination.

Look for customers on social networks and travel sites. For example, Airbnb has an Impressions section where you can offer your excursions. Also try to establish contacts with the city tourist center.

6. Tutoring

Tutoring - Let 2 Know

If you well remember some subject of the school curriculum or you can prepare a high school student to pass the exam, monetize this knowledge. If not, think about the information in which area you can share with others. Don’t be limited to standard options: foreign languages, biology or mathematics. Perhaps you understand the history of the Russian avant-garde or know how any household appliance works: from a mixer to a video surveillance system.

Today it’s fashionable to study, so there is a listener for every educational project. But remember, the usual 45-minute lessons are boring. Think over the structure of the story, prepare cool illustrations and interactive tasks. The more fun and fun your lessons are, the more you can earn. By the way, you don’t even have to leave home for this – everything can be done online.


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