New iOS Apps and Games The Best of February [2020]

The most interesting and useful New App Store news for the month.


1. Shiftscreen

A useful utility that works as a Sidecar function in macOS Catalina, just the opposite. Shiftscreen allows you to turn a Mac or Apple TV into an additional screen for your iOS device and view documents, videos and other content on a large display in full screen. 

2. Symphonia

A complete audio recording application in which you can compose a song without owning any musical instrument. Thanks to the neural network, Symphonia recognizes the melody that you sing with your voice, and then converts it to MIDI format, allowing you to lay it on any musical instrument and reduce several tracks into a finished track.

3. Recheck!

Minimalistic task manager with simple and clear display in the form of lists . Cases can be added by choosing from ready-made templates or by voice using Siri commands. There are reminders, tags, convenient sorting, as well as a widget and text export from built-in and third-party programs, such as Bear. 

4. Achieve

A useful application that is useful to everyone who wants to change, abandoning bad habits or fixing useful ones. Achieve allows you to conveniently track the daily accomplishment of each intended goal. And for more detailed monitoring, there is a statistics function for the selected period.

5. Instant Measure 

An interesting utility for owners of gadgets with FaceID. Thanks to TrueDepth cameras that scan the space in front of you, Instant Measure turns the iPhone into a rangefinder, automatically showing the distance to objects in the frame. The measurement error is up to 15 centimeters at 5 meters. 


1. Company of Heroes

A full-fledged port of the cult strategy about World War II, in which players will take over two companies of American soldiers under their command and  wage a tense battle with the forces of the Wehrmacht. The campaign takes place in Europe and contains 15 missions dedicated to the most iconic battles. 

7. Shadowgun War Games

A multiplayer tactical shooter with vibrant graphics and dynamic fights. There are two modes in the game: “Fight 5 on 5” and “Capture the flag”. You can fight by choosing one of the five available character classes, each of which has its own fighting style and skills.

8. Cookies Must Die

A dynamic puzzle platformer with a colorful visual component and addictive gameplay. Playing as a government special agent with genetic modifications, you will destroy the mutant cookies that flooded the city after a lightning strike in a local confectionery factory.

9. RogueJack 

An explosive mix of bagel and blackjack with a pleasant old – school styling. The main character goes in search of a powerful artifact hidden in an abandoned dungeon somewhere in the forest. Of course, there are monsters that have to fight. But not on swords, but playing cards. 

10. Castle Ramble 

A funny endless platformer with pixel graphics about a brave king who fights off the pig bombs in the besieged castle. Explore intricate corridors and destroy numerous enemies. Collect loot to discover new weapons, improve characteristics and with new strength to repulse the invaders.


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