Top 10 New Games For Android And iOS That Do Not Need Internet

War turtles, evil cookies, underground excavations and more.

Cookies Must Die

Very stylish action about the super secret agent Jack, who has to deal with evil cookies. The character is controlled by simple swipes-he can run, jump  and knock everything in his path. 

Bubble Tale

A classic arcade platformer in the spirit of old games with 8-bit consoles. You are waiting for more than 30 levels with several bosses, secret places, logic puzzles and pleasant unobtrusive music. 

Battle Turtles 2

shooter with clicker elements in which you will control a powerful fighting turtle with powerful guns. You can explore locations, destroy pests and even hire assistants. 

Cat Rescue: Sea Escape

A simple puzzle game where you will need to pave the way for cats-first for one, and then for several at the same time. 

What a Wonderful World

A beautiful puzzle “three in a row” where you can travel the world and discover new cities and countries. You will learn about interesting events, curious facts and the history of various attractions. 

King of Defense

Tower Defense strategy game with many upgradeable towers, heroes and dozens of fantastic creatures. The game is available in Russian, so there will be no problems with development. 

Tetroparja Eternity

A hardcore 2D runner with great music, stylish locations and a plot that tells you about the werewolf tribe. 

My Diggy Dog 2

Dog Marty goes in search of a mistress who disappeared underground. He has to follow the trail, simultaneously digging out various artifacts and antiquities.

The Jackbox

In this game you will need to unravel the secrets of puzzle boxes. Each of their faces may contain a task for logic or even a trick that only confuses you.


An original platformer that introduces a new form of life. It can hitch, push off and glide through bizarre locations. For Android, the first levels are available for free.


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